Ribasuk Lyngdoh plans to be better and stronger than ever in Season 2 of Pro Panja League


Shillong’s Ribasuk Lyngdoh had an amazing start in the first season of Pro Panja League. Ribasuk competed for the Rohtak Rowdies franchise. Rohtak Rowdies managed to reach the semi finals of the inaugural season and Ribasuk played a pivotal role in the semi-finals where she secured a memorable win over Madhura Hassan of Kiraak Hyderabad.

Ahead of the second season, Sports India Show had the opportunity to chat with Ribasuk to talk about her training regimen.

Exclusive interview with Ribasuk Lyngdoh

1) How is the training going?

The training is always going good. I am improving, learning and correcting each and everytime.

2) How are you preparing for the second season?

My preparation for the second season is going quite good. There’s never a day going without thinking about Armwrestling and about the upcoming season. I stay focused and try to be consistent during training and I see myself and my team doing very well in Season 2.

3) How was your experience in the first season?

My experience for the first season was on top of the world. I had never thought that I would be performing at that level and on that kind of a stage and everyone will watch me on TV and who knew that Armwrestling can be divided into teams. I am so proud of being an athlete in the Pro Panja League. My big thanks to the owners Mr Parvin Dabas and Mrs Preeti Jhangiani.

4)Your most memorable moment from Season 1?

The most memorable moment from Season 1 was winning the semi final match against Madhura. Another memorable incident for me was being a part of the promo shoot for Season 1.

5) What can we expect from Ribasuk Lyngdoh in Season 2?

For season 2, I will be more focused and stronger than ever.

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