WFI Obtains Accreditation for Vinesh Phogat’s Personal Coach and Physio

Vinesh Phogat

The Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) has successfully obtained accreditation for the personal coach and physio of star wrestler Vinesh Phogat. This development comes as a significant relief for Phogat, who is preparing for the upcoming Asian Wrestling Olympic Qualifiers 2024.

Vinesh Phogat, a two-time Olympian and a bronze medalist in the 53kg category at the 2019 and 2022 World Championships will be competing in the 50kg category at the Asia Qualifiers. The event is set to begin in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. The presence of her personal coach and physio is crucial for her performance and comfort during the competition.

Vinesh Phogat finally overcomes challenges from WFI

The accreditation process was not without its challenges. Phogat had previously accused the WFI of creating logistical hurdles for her support staff, which she believed was an attempt to prevent her from competing in the Asia Olympic qualifiers. She expressed her concerns and frustrations in a social media post, stating that despite repeated requests to the Government of India (SAI, TOPS) for the accreditation of her coach and physio, she was not receiving any concrete answers.

However, the WFI, under the leadership of President Sanjay Singh, managed to obtain the accreditation of the two officials. Singh confirmed that they had put in a special request with the organizers to allow access to Phogat’s coach and physio in the competition.

WFI President Sanjay Singh
WFI President Sanjay Singh

Phogat’s allegations against the WFI had stirred up a controversy in the sports community. She had expressed fears of a potential conspiracy to trap her in doping. Despite these challenges, Phogat remains focused on her goal of securing an Olympic quota in the upcoming Asian Wrestling qualifiers.

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