Mitchell Starc has his say on the impact of not having impact player rule in the T20 WC


Australian pacer Mitchell Starc, currently playing for Kolkata Knight Riders in the Indian Premier League (IPL), has shared his thoughts on the upcoming T20 World Cup. He believes that the absence of the IPL’s ‘Impact Player’ rule will force captains to strategize more effectively during the tournament.

The ‘Impact Player’ rule, implemented in the IPL last year, allows teams to have a separate batting and bowling XI, leading to deeper batting lineups. This rule has resulted in teams batting with more aggression and fearlessness, leading to consistently high scores, with totals exceeding 200.

Mitchell Starc attributes high-scoring IPL to impact player rule

Starc noted that this rule has played a significant role in the high-scoring nature of the IPL, attributing it to the nature of the wickets and the grounds where the matches are played. He mentioned that having batters and batting all-rounders coming in at Nos 8 or 9 results in a long batting lineup.

However, the T20 World Cup, scheduled to begin in the Americas next month, will not have the ‘Impact Player’ rule. Starc believes this could affect the scores in the tournament. He stated, “There’s been some fantastic scoring, some fantastic partnerships and some individual brilliance with the bat. On the flip side, time will tell, we got the World Cup coming next month, so there’s no impact player rule. Whether that affects the scores, is yet to be seen”.

Starc also highlighted that the absence of the ‘Impact Player’ rule will bring the role of all-rounders back into play. He said, “There’s been talk about the balance of the team and when you can’t just bring someone in, your all-rounders come back into play, certainly world-class all-rounders that balance the team now”.

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