Sunil Chhetri Reveals the Strange Reaction of His Mother and Wife on His Retirement News


Sunil Chhetri, the legendary Indian footballer and current national team captain, recently announced his retirement from international football. However, it wasn’t just a personal decision; it was a moment that touched the hearts of those closest to him.

A Tearful Revelation

Chhetri revealed that about a month and a half ago, he informed his family—his father, KB Chhetri (an ex-army man), his mother, Sushila (a former Nepal international footballer), and his wife, Sonam Bhattacharya (daughter of renowned coach Subrata Bhattacharya)—about his retirement. While his father expressed relief and happiness, Chhetri was taken aback by his mother and wife’s emotional response.

“So when I did decide this is going to be final game, I told my mom, my dad and my wife first. My dad was normal. He was relieved, happy. But my mom and wife strangely started crying,” Chhetri said.

Chhetri’s wife and mother couldn’t explain why tears flowed freely. They had often witnessed the pressure and demands of his football career, yet this moment overwhelmed them. Perhaps it was the realization that their beloved son and husband would no longer wear the national jersey, representing India on the field.

Sunil Chhetri Has A Legacy Beyond Numbers

Chhetri’s retirement marks the end of an era. With 94 international goals, he leaves as India’s all-time top scorer and most-capped player. His impact extends beyond statistics; it’s about passion, dedication, and inspiring generations of football enthusiasts.

As Chhetri prepares for his final match against Kuwait on June 6, he carries not only his own legacy but also the hopes and dreams of the nation. The tears shed by his mother and wife reflect the love and pride they feel for the man who gave his all for the game and the country.

In the quiet moments before his farewell, Chhetri recollects every game, every coach, every teammate, and every performance. And as he fights back tears, he knows that his journey has left an indelible mark on Indian football. He has a legacy that will live forever in the hearts of his fans.

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