Zaheer Khan wants Jasprit Bumrah to needle the opposition occasionally


Jasprit Bumrah’s contribution to the Indian victory at Lord’s was very crucial. His all round performance on Day 5 took the game away from the England team. His extraordinary performance came after England tried to rattle him with quick bouncers and few words. However, the speedster didn’t get rattled and gave it back to the Three lions. 

Bumrah went wicketless in the first innings. Also, he bowled 13 no balls in the innings which showed that he wasn’t in the same form as the first test. However a key highlight of the innings was his fiery 10 ball over to James Anderson. Jimmy wasn’t happy about the over and expressed his anger to Bumrah.

England tried revenge by taking the short ball route to Bumrah. But Bumrah scored crucial runs with the bat and was involved in a record breaking partnership of 89 with Shami for the 9th wicket. He also rattled the England batting lineup by taking 3 key wickets of Rory Burns, Joe Root and Ollie Robinson.

After witnessing this incident, Zaheer Khan feels that he should needle the opposition at times if he can deliver such performances when he’s angry.

“If by getting angry, he can carry himself and perform like this, I believe he should at times needle the opposition. See, in the first innings, he had gone wicketless and being the class bowler that he is, I’m sure it must have bothered him,” Zaheer said on Cricbuzz.

“After that, the whole Anderson episode that unfolded, the bouncers he bowled to him and then while batting, the manner in which the England pacer went after him… all those things motivated him, and he channelised that anger in the right way. England must be thinking ‘we should have let Bumrah bowl bouncers’ and not mess with him. The intensity with which he bowled was worth praising.”

Zaheer praises Jasprit Bumrah for trapping Robinson LBW from around the wicket

Jasprit Bumrah

One of the best balls of the match also came from Jasprit Bumrah. He deceived Robinson with a slower ball and trapped him in front of the stumps from an around the wicket angle. Zaheer lauded Jasprit for pulling off such a great display.

“Bowling a slower ball is challenging, but to bowl it from round the wicket, from that angle to get a batsman out LBW, you need to bowl from close to the wicket, which is never easy. Bumrah did a very tough job. The thought process was excellent. When you’re coming round the wicket, even the batsman is thinking ‘they might use the bouncer more’. To bring out that kind of variation and to have that thinking to get that wicket, Bumrah was fabulous.”


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