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The WrestleMania season is here and there seems to be no reason to keep calm for the WWE Universe as we are almost nearing the end of the road to WrestleMania 35. WrestleMania has been the flagship event for the WWE ever since its inception and has helped the WWE gain record breaking attendance for those events. Similarly this year also seems to be no different with the shows of shows already keeping the WWE universe on its seats with a lot of interesting matches and some of their popular Superstars making a comeback into the squared circle. Let us look at all the possible permutations and combinations that seem to be likely for the biggest sports entertainment show of the year.The MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey will be the place to be to witness the biggest show of sports entertainment.
Note: The card is subject to change


1) Cruiser-weight Championship: Buddy Murphy(c) Vs Tony Nese (Pre-show):

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The cruiser-weights again have been relegated to the Pre-show of a WWE pay-per-view, however they seem to have embraced the spot chosen for them and have seldom disappointed, and moreover also arguably delivered one of the best matches of the pay-per-views in terms of wrestling capacity. With the momentum riding behind Budy Murphy and with Vince showering a lot of faith on him amidst the rumors that Murphy is set for a main roster debut on either Raw or Smack-down, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Budy Murphy goes over Tony Nese in the opening bout of the pre-show of WrestleMania 35.

Winner: Budy Murphy


2) Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal:

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The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal has been the company’s vehicle since the past several years to get as many wrestlers on the roster to be a part of the show and get to perform in front the Wrestlemania crowd and also get the WrestleMania bonus in their cheques. This year however it is surprising to see that only a handful of wrestlers have been confirmed for the battle royal which includes Braun Strauman who again has found himself in a comic story-line for Wrestlemania for two years in a row. The other two confirmed participants are Colin Jost and Michael Che who are the ones who are engrossed in an interesting story-line with the Monster Among Men. WWE will not look to hamper the momentum from Braun Strauman who already has lost a little steam since Vince has soured on him for his promo work and hence stopping his monster push.

The most likely scenario for the battle royal will include a Tom and Jerry chase between Braun and Jost along with Che. In order to ensure Braun’s stock doesn’t diminish further, he will be the chosen one to win the battle royal and subsequently move on to a different story-line or also move to Smack-down Live in the post WrestleMania draft.

Winner: Braun Strauman


3) Women’s Battle Royal:

This will be the second edition of the Women’s Battle Royal. WWE have seemed to drop The Fabulous Moolah as the name of the battle royal due to the controversy surrounding it. Just like the Andre the Giant Battle Royal this will act as a catalyst in getting as many women wrestlers in the mania card for the WWE. Surprisingly Asuka who just lost her Smack-down women’s title just days before Mania to Flair will also be a part of this battle royal.

Lacey Evans who has made several weekly appearances in the WWE in the past month or so is the top pick to win the battle royal. She looks to be in line for a monster push with Vince even wanting her to enter the title picture soon, this will be a good launch pad for her to emerge is the 2nd ever winner of the WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal.

Winner: Lacey Evans


4) Smack-down Tag Team Championship: The Usos(c) vs Aleister Black and Richochet vs Shinsuke Nakamura and Rusev vs The Bar:

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This seems to another way of squeezing in as many opponents as possible on the WrestleMania card. Considering the caliber of all the superstars involved, undoubtedly the match will have a few big spots. However there is nothing that would seemingly interest the audience in the match considering there is no what so ever story-line going into the match and it looks forced instead.

The team who looks to be all set to win are The Usos, as they are still in a dilemma to sign a new contract with the WWE or not. Hence the WWE will not want to upset them and will try to make them happy as they are one of the most successful teams in the tag team division. An interesting fact about this match is that the Usos are set to make history as this will be the third Wrestle-mania in a row where they will enter as the tag team champions.

Winner: The Usos 


5) AJ Styles Vs Randy Orton:

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This match seems to be an example of pitting the two superstars who have no story-lines in store for them. Randy and Styles who are undoubtedly are  some of the biggest stars that  the company has with Orton being a third generation superstar and Styles being an industry veteran and the future hall-of-famers will make sure to deliver a match that will be a treat for the wrestling fans.

However, none of the two can boast of a WrestleMania match that met the expectations in the last couple of years. This time around facing off each other at the grandest stage of them all will surely be a dream match which 10 years ago nobody could have anticipated. It will be however interesting to see who is the one who goes over. Do not be surprised if the finish of the match is not clean and ultimately Orton beats Styles with a cheap shot. Which will result in taking the rivalry and the story-line forward. Do not expect the story-line and the feud to end over here itself.

Winner: Randy Orton


6) Women’s Tag Team’s Championship Match: Sasha Banky and Bayley(c) vs Beth Phoenix and Natalya vs Nia Jax and Tamina Snuka vs The IIconics:

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All the challengers have had a history with the inaugural tag team champions Boss ‘N’ Hug Connection. It will be interesting to see a fatal-four-way for the tag team championships which will also mark the return of Beth Phoenix. However, the ideal winners for this match seem to be Sasha and Bayley as it is too early for the WWE to take the tittle away from them. They are likely to still be the Raw Women’s tag team champions after WrestleMania 35.

Winner: Sasha Banks and Bayley


7) Bobby Lashley(c) Vs Finn Balor:

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This is one the matches with the least steam and the audience just does not want to invest themselves in this match again. It is not a surprise because we have seen this match time and time again even on free television that there seems to be no hype for the bout. The only measure WWE can take in order to ensure a pop from the crowd is letting Balor don his Demon persona, which looks to be the likely case going forward. And Balor who is yet to lose a match as Demon King on the main roster, this time also he will continue his streak and claim the intercontinental title back. The match will surely have a lot of interesting spots with Lio Rush trying his best to be a hindrance in Balor’s way, however Balor seems to be up for a steady push and it should not come as a surprise seeing him dethroning Lashley.

Winner: Fin Balor


8) United States Championship: Samoa Joe(c) Vs Rey Mysterio:

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With Rey Mysterio’s son Dominic getting involved into the feud and hence bringing some interest into the story-line it is expected that Dominic will be on the ring side with his father as he was in the brutal ladder match between Rey and Eddie Guerrero in 2005. However, this will not benefit the superstar as most likely he will get a brutal beating in front of his son. It is likely that Rey will ultimately pass out in the coquina clutch and end up losing the David Vs Goliath match. Rey will be a grand slam champion however if the  WWE creative team wants Rey to go over Joe.

Winner: Samoa Joe Via Submission


9) Kurt Angle Vs Baron Corbin:

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Arguably one of the greatest ever to step inside the ring is all set to hang up his boots post the Wrestle-Mania 35. With his mind writing cheques that his body cannot cash in, the decision to retire was inevitable. Kurt has evidently become slow in the ring and it is quite painful to watch him wrestle. Angle will go down as one of the greatest in the history books with his credentials as a gold medalist, the medal that he won with a broken neck.

This is advertised as the Kurt Angle’s retirement match and with Kurt handpicking the former Raw Commissioner Corbin as his opponent for his final match, came as a surprise as the fans were surely expecting a bigger and more popular opponent for Kurt’s final match. However, with the designated match the most likely scenario will see Corbin tapping out to the Ankle Lock making Kurt victorious in his farewell match. Kurt will thank the fans on his way out of the ring with the fans chanting thank you Kurt and see him for the last time in the ring as a wrestler. There is also an outside chance of John Cena getting into this match in some way or the other as he doesn’t have any scheduled match on the card and the WWE will not want to let its biggest star miss the pay-per-view of such a stature.

Winner: Kurt Angle Via Submission


10) Shane McMahon Vs The Miz: (Falls Count Anywhere)

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Seeds were sown for this feud since the Best in the World tournament in Saudi Arabia. This has been wonderful storytelling by the creative and has kept the fans intrigued with both of them being tag team champions only for them to lose the tittle and Shane turning on The Miz. With Shane attacking Miz’s father at ringside gaining major heat from the WWE Universe, the Wrestlemania bout will be a typical Shane O’ Mac one with him taking a crazy bump and getting a cheap win over the Miz which will prolong the rivalry as WWE will not want to end this feud this quickly. Being a falls count anywhere match, it is almost given that we will see Shane jump off something crazy as he does on every major pay-per-view that he is involved as a wrestler.

Winner: Shane MacMahon


11) Roman Reigns Vs Drew McIntyre:

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Roman Reigns being able to wrestle for this year’s wrestleMania is already a major boost for the WWE post his battle with Leukemia. It also is refreshing to see WWE not immediately pushing Roman back to the main event picture. With Drew demolishing Roman’s shield brother Dean Ambrose two weeks in a row, expect Roman to take a retribution and result in The Big Dog emerging as the victorious one in the bout. Both the superstars seem to have a very bright year ahead irrespective of the outcome of the bout. However, the WWE will not want Roman to lose steam as they will be looking to insert him back into the main-event scene in the near future.

Winner: Roman Reigns


12) Triple H Vs Batista: (No holds Barred; Triple H’s career on the line)

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Dave Batista making a surprise return to face Triple H surely has given the WWE Universe what they wanted. This is one of the most anticipated matched of the night, however, the length of the match will be the key over here. Expect a quick and a short match as dragging the match too long is not a good idea seeing the age of the Superstars and with Batista not having wrestled since several years. Being a No Holds Barred match it will surely be a hard hitting one however it is unlikely that Triple H will retire this year. This stipulation makes it presumable that in some way or the other Triple H will be the one emerging victorious.

We have observed that Triple H will want to beat Batista which he has never accomplished so far, and we all are aware of it that hunter does not like to be a part of such records and thus it seems to be pretty evident that he pins Batista to emerge as the victorious one. A huge entrance is always expected from The Game at WrestleManias. The feud started with Rick Flair, so there could be an outside chance of Flair getting involved in the match and bringing the Evolution angle into the match.

Winner: Triple H


13) WWE Championship: Daniel Bryan(c) vs Kofi Kingston

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Kofi Kingston surely has come a long way and has had to face lot of challenges in order to be inserted into the tittle picture. With the crowd visibly right behind him, many may expect him to finally become the WWE Champion. However, Daniel Bryan is the one who should retain his championship with either of the New Day Members turning on Kofi in order to stun the crowd and also bring an element of surprise for the pay-per-view.

Kofi Kingston has all the momentum that he needs in the world currently, however, the WWE might not want to hand over their flagship title on him yet as they do not consider him to be a main-event draw. It is less likely that the baton will be passed from Bryan to Kingston at least at this mania.

Winner: Daniel Bryan


14) Universal Championship: Brock Lesnar(c) Vs Seth Rollins:

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Roman Reigns was always the chosen one to dethrone Brock Lesnar for his Universal Championship, which he ultimately did, only to vacate the tittle when he was diagnosed with Leukemia. It is very evident that the crowd is tired of seeing a part timer like Brock hold the championship belt for so long and they want to see a fighting champion. And who better than Seth Rollins to be the chosen one. Without a doubt there is hardly anyone apart from Rollins who is as over with the crowd that he is currently. And it seems to be the correct time to insert him into the main event once again. Rollins emerged as a champion when he arguably had the most memorable and grand money in the bank cash in during the Wrestlemania main-event between Lesnar and Roman, however, this time around it will be the first time that Rollins pins Lesnar and become the new Universal Champion.

Winner: Seth Rollins


15) Raw Women’s Championship: Ronda Rousey(c) Vs Becky Lynch Vs Charlotte Flair:

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The three women have already made history with respect to the card, as this will be the very first time in history that a women’s match will headline WrestleMania. Undoubtedly this is going to be monumental for the women’s revolution in the WWE. The dynamics of the match have become much more interesting with Charlotte winning the Smack-down Women’s Championship on her road to Wrestlemania. And with Becky Lynch having a huge momentum by her side, this could well be the time where she finally gets her due and end up as the Raw Women’s Champion on The Grandest Stage of them all. With Rousey also expected to take a break from WWE after the WrestleMania, Lynch who is undoubtedly the most over wrestler in the WWE right now will be the one standing tall at the end of the show with the women’s championship help high in her hands.

This match has it all in terms of the popularity of the participants to story-lines to the wrestling abilities of the women involved. Hence, there is no doubt that the three women are going to tear the ring apart and deliver the match of the night. Irrespective of the outcome of the match, it will be remembered for years to come.

Winner: Becky Lynch