WWE: Roman Reigns relinquishes Universal Championship amid health issues


Former Universal Champion Roman Reigns kicked off Monday Night RAW this week and in the end, left the WWE Universe in shock. The ‘Big Dog‘ firstly apologized to the gathering present in Providence, Rhode Island for not being a fighting Champion that the company wanted him to be.

He further alluded that his real name was Joe and for 11 years he had an ongoing battle against Leukemia. However, Reigns unfortunately revealed that the disease had returned and he needed to relinquish the Universal Championship as he would be unable to fulfil his role as the main titleholder on RAW.

Here’s a glimpse of Roman Reigns’ speech last night on RAW:

Reigns was set to defend his title against Braun Strowman and Brock Lesnar at WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia on November 2. But with him out of action, Strowman and Lesnar will clash for the vacant Universal Championship in singles competition next Friday.

The WWE Universe and Superstars alike expressed their gratitude towards Roman and sent out their prayers for him and his family on social media. In the past, many superstars have to give up their championship due to injuries but Reigns’ fight against cancer is something that everyone was unaware off and has honestly left us stunned.

We wish Roman a speedy recovery and are sure that he will once again kick Leukemia out of his life and come back stronger and better than ever before.