WWE: Jerry Lawler discusses the end of Titus’ ‘World Slide’ gimmick


During the WWE’s Greatest Royal Rumble event in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia just a few weeks before WrestleMania 34, something really hilarious happened that was deemed the ‘greatest moment of Royal Rumble.’

Titus O’Neil, while making an entrance running, fell and slid under the ring during the 50 man Royal Rumble match.

Jerry “The King” Lawler was also present during the event and talked about this particular incident with Two Lakes Sports Network.

“I actually talked to Titus the next day, and I said, ‘man, that’s something that you really need to capitalize on,'” said Lawler. “And, actually, I talked him into it. If you remember the following week, he did something similar, and I told him, ‘if you could start doing that every week on your ring entrances, if you get down to the ring and just, all of a sudden, take that belly bump and slide all the way under the ring, and then have your opponent come over and look down and just be laughing, then you come from the other side of the ring, come across, roll him up, get a quick 1-2-3, all of a sudden, it makes you look like the smartest guy in the world.”

Even though Titus’ fall was proving beneficial for him, the gimmick had to be scrapped for a reason.

“[Titus] said, ‘that’s a great idea, and we’ll go with that,’ except for the fact that they realized they use those big LED light boards on the side of the rings now, so you can’t really go up under them like that,” Lawler said.

H/T to WrestlingInc. for the transcription.