WWE: How to get nuclear heat? Ask Kevin Owens and Elias

How to get nuclear heat? Ask Kevin Owens and Elias

This week’s episode of Monday Night RAW will be distinctively remembered for the segment that involved Kevin Owens and Elias during the final hour of the show.

The duo will team up to take on the pairing of Bobby Lashley and John Cena in tag team competition this Saturday at WWE Super Show Down in Melbourne, Australia. During the middle of their promo, Kevin Owens raised a question and said that Cena teaming up with Lashley did not make sense.

Elias agreed with the Prizefighter’s remarks and added that its the same like having a basketball team in Seattle. In case you didn’t know, Seattle previously had an NBA franchise, ‘Seattle Supersonics’ before they relocated to Oklahoma City in 2008.

Elias’ statement directly hit the nerve of the WWE Universe and the fans started heckling the duo. The boos became extremely turbulent to the point where KO was forced to shout at the top of his lungs and moreover, his partner was also compelled to turn up his collar mic.

In his one year stint on RAW, Elias has been known for constantly dissing the respective sports teams of the city in which the show is being hosted. But never before has his comments hit the WWE fans so hard that they booed him for the rest of the night.

But, at the same, the Supersonics was beloved by the city of Seattle and they are still bitter and resentful about the fact that their team was snatched away from the city.