World Cup 2019: Suspension of Jet Airways flights affects team India

Coach Ravi Shashtri and captain Virat Kohli.
Coach Ravi Shashtri and captain Virat Kohli.

Cashflow crunch forced Jet Airways to suspend all its flights, a couple of days ago, affecting all the passengers who had booked their tickets beforehand. Among all those who suffered, was the Indian cricket team as well, as BCCI had booked their tickets to England on May 22 for the upcoming World Cup.

BCCI is now looking for some other airline to make sure that their plans aren’t disturbed.

“It’s a challenge but we are addressing it. The team will leave as planned on or before May 22,” the BCCI official said while speaking to Mumbai Mirror. The Indian board is looking for 30 business class seats to accommodate the squad, which is going to be very difficult, given the increased demands for all the airlines with the cancellation of Jet aircraft.

BCCI is talking to Emirates

Meanwhile, the Mumbai Mirror also reported that the BCCI has started talking to the Emirates, who are the sponsors of the World Cup and Virgin airlines. When the Indian team had toured England last year, they traveled in Virgin airlines.

While some of the support staff could be accommodated in a different class, the requirement of the Business class seats still remains at around 25. The BCCI has also planned to send four extra pacers with the team and that has increased the need for the berths. As a matter of fact, even the IPL teams are suffering as the Jet Airways used to accommodate extra luggage for bulk bookings, the teams are now facing financial and logistics problems.

BCCI, as of now is quite confident about the team’s travel plans not getting disturbed and they can’t even delay the departure of the team as the team plays its first practice match on the 25th of May.