World Cup 2019: Full Schedule of all the participants in the build up to the event


The ICC Cricket World Cup is scheduled to commence from the 30th of May and will go on till the 14th of July. There is a slight change up in the format of the marquee event this time around. Each of the 10 participants England (hosts), India, Australia, Pakistan, New Zealand, West Indies, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and Bangladesh each will play against all the other 9 participants, with the top 4 teams making it to the semi-finals.

All the teams are gearing up for the mega event and are likely to get enough matches ahead of it. The complete schedule for each of the teams leading into the tournament is as follows:


England v Pakistan 2019 (5 ODIs, 1 T20I)


England v Pakistan 2019 (5 ODIs, 1 T20I)


Ireland Tri Series 2019 (7 ODIs)

West Indies:

Ireland Tri Series 2019 (7 ODIs)

As usual, there also will be enough warm-up games for all the participants to get into the groove and be in terms with the playing conditions. The schedule for these warm-up games is as follows:

May 24:

Pakistan v Afghanistan, Bristol

Sri Lanka v South Africa, Cardiff

May 25:

England v Australia, Southampton

India v New Zealand, The Oval

May 26:

South Africa v West Indies, Bristol

Pakistan v Bangladesh, Cardiff

May 27:

Australia v Sri Lanka, Southampton

England v Afghanistan, The Oval

May 28:

West Indies v New Zealand, Bristol

Bangladesh v India, Cardiff





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