Wimbledon 2018: Kerber wins the Grand Slam as Serena wins all the hearts in her 10th final


Angelique Kerber claims her first Wimbledon after beating 8-time winner, Serena Williams. This was Serena’s 29th appearance in a Grand Slam final, of which she had won 23 of them.
But today was not her day when Kerber finished the game in 2 sets 6-3, 6-3 to claim the title. The game ran for 65 minutes before Serena pulled a bodyline shot into the nets.

Angelique Kerber with her maiden Wimbledon trophy.

But, Serena won all the hearts yesterday.
“To all the moms out there, I was playing for you today. And I tried,” said Williams, 36, just 10 months after a difficult childbirth that was followed by grave medical complications. “Angelique played really well.”

The return of Serena Williams to Tennis wasn’t just for trophies. This was to show women in all walks of life about what is possible when faced with challenges and setbacks.

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