Who will win the German Second Bundesliga 2022/2023: Preview

Who will win the German Second Bundesliga 2022/2023: preview

Having started in July last year, the German football Second Bundesliga is due to end at the end of this May. Before the end of the tournament, the teams have less than a quarter of the distance to go. A total of 18 teams will play each other twice and play 34 rounds in total. The championship and a direct ticket to the elite division of Germany will be given to the club that scores the maximum credit points.

The top three contenders for the championship in the second most powerful German football championship are: Darmstadt, Heidenheim and Hamburg. Having carefully studied the results and the current form of these teams, you can predict which team will eventually get gold medals.


“Lilies” are having a good season, but the main struggle for the championship and the opportunity to go directly to the Bundesliga is still ahead of the team. After 26 rounds, Torsten Lieberknecht’s wards led the standings. At the same time, the second Heidenheim Darmstadt was ahead by four points. This advantage is not bad, but it is possible to lose it in eight games, so it is too early for the Blue-Whites to relax. The brainchild of Hans Kessler got 16 victories, painted the world 7 times and lost only three times (to Regensburg, Heidenheim and Arminia). All losses were on the road.

Darmstadt suffered two of their three league defeats in the March stretch. However, Lily’s competitors are also stumbled, so the leadership of Fabian Holland and partners is not yet under threat. At the same time, in order not to let “FKH” or “dinosaurs” get ahead of themselves, representatives of the federal state of Hesse need to regularly collect test points. If you want to bet on the Second Bundesliga, then we advise you to Mostbet registration.


The Red-White-Blues are having a good season and have a chance of promotion. After 26 games played, the Voith Arena-based club is in second place, one point ahead of third Hamburger and four points behind Darmstadt. With 19 victories, Heidenheim drew 9 times and was defeated three times. The guys of Frank Schmidt lost exclusively away to such teams as the Hamburg “townspeople”, Holstein Kiel and Braunschweig. It is also worth noting that the brainchild of Klaus Mayer had the strongest attack in the league.

On average, scoring two goals per 90 minutes of playing time, FKH conceded a little more than a goal per game. It is worth noting that from the end of January to the beginning of April, the team from Baden-Württemberg lost only once to Braunschweig. In the rest of the confrontations, Patrick Mainka and partners scored points quite regularly. In general, Heidenheim will make every effort to get gold medals, but even “silver” can be considered a success for the team.


The Dinosaurs had a great first round of the Second Bundesliga, and in 2023 they slowed down impressively. As a result, by the 26th round, Hamburg is on the third line in the standings. Six points ahead of the fourth St. Pauli, the guys of Tim Walter were one point behind the second Heidenheim, and five points behind the first Darmstadt. In order to wedge into the fight for the championship, the Black-White-Blues need to start scoring points more regularly, with which the Citizens had difficulties in the March period.

“Black-white-blue” by the beginning of April got 15 wins, with 5 draws and 6 defeats. At the same time, the brainchild of Marcel Jansen had one of the strongest attacks in the league. The Dinosaurs have a good selection of players, but in terms of play the team is not very stable and for the second season in a row it can fly past the promotion. The Citizens still have enough time to correct the situation, but it will be extremely difficult to get ahead of Heidenheim and Darmstadt.

Our forecast

Hamburg shows extremely unstable results and it looks like the “dinosaurs” will have to be content with the third line. So, in order to get into the Bundesliga, the “townspeople” will most likely need to play in the playoffs. Darmstadt suffered several defeats in a row in early March, and this was an alarming bell for the team. There is a possibility that in further away battles, the “lilies” may begin to lose more often.

Heidenheim in 2023 is regularly gaining points and may well be on the first line. So it is quite a bold and risky assumption that the “red-white-blue” will get “gold” in the second most powerful football championship in Germany.