How Will The Coronavirus Pandemic Affect The Football Transfer Window?

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All efforts were geared towards witnessing a summer football transfer window. It was suddenly halted due to the pandemic. All major football leagues have been shut down. We had rumors of some big transfer expectations during the period with significant clubs eying key players. The period for which the league has been stopped is yet to be known with the 2019/20 season in limbo. However, they are slowly beginning to schedule return.

As a result of the Pandemic, the summer transfer window has been affected so much. Below are some of the ways the transfers are affected.



The drastic shift in the transfer markets

PC: Law In Sport


It is almost sure the transfer window will be delayed later than when it was expected to begin. Summer transfer happens from 10th June every football season calendar. Major stakeholders now believe some of the costs could be scrapped off. Negotiations regarding the summer transfer window have been halted. One leading cause is the fact that the value of every player can’t be substantiated as well as football clubs is not able to pay their squads effectively. Furthermore, some team managers wonder whether some of their players’ value will remain the same or decline.  Also, clubs are not generating income previously realized from gate tickets, sale of merchandise, advertisements, and sponsorships from cooperates and betting houses such as online lottó


Some football analysts say it is impossible to authorize multi-million-pound transfers, and it isn’t sure when the leagues will resume. Germany’s close source has hinted to Powerball that all clubs have put off any new sign-in negotiations of players due to their inability to meet their bills.


Travel bans have affected scouting activities.


There is an inability to physically meet the players in person for agents to finalize the transfer dealings. Some agents have been trying to scout through video footage relayed by major streaming agencies of all leagues across the globe.

Towards the opening of the transfer window, we would have witnessed key decision-makers such head coaches fly out to finalize on the dealings. As a result of coronavirus pandemic, nearly all countries have banned air travel. Agents can’t travel out to assess everything about the player, not limited to the character, to arrive at a solid conclusion about their transfer. It is for that reason that we are likely to witness transfers just within the league rather than the international option you aren’t sure about due to the inability to physically scout.

Clubs are likely to mute about transfers.

The ability to have sufficient funds comes in handy when running all club activities smoothly. Some clubs have witnessed salary cuts for the staffers and even extended unpaid leave for the non-playing staffers. Clubs hard-hit in terms of operational costs are likely to go slow when the transfer window opens from 10th June. It is accustomed by their inability to pay to meet cost and similarly the transfer fees. 

There is quite a substantial side effect on the summer transfer window across all leagues in the world, as hinted by numerous betting sites such as online lottó. Activities before transfers have been scaled down or halted altogether. Firms engaging in football sports betting haven’t been spared either, including ones offering Powerball that are key stakeholders when it comes to transferring dealings!