When a Pakistan Fan Abused Indian Bowler Before the 2019 World Cup Clash; Vijay Shankar Did This on the Ground


During the 2019 Cricket World Cup, India faced Pakistan in a high-stakes encounter. Amidst the tension and excitement, an incident unfolded that left a lasting impression on all involved. Vijay Shankar, the Indian all-rounder, recently shared this remarkable story.

Vijay Shankar’s Altercation with a Pakistani Fan

A day before the match, Shankar and some of his teammates decided to grab a coffee. As they sat down, a passionate Pakistan fan approached them. But instead of friendly banter, the fans hurled abuses at the Indian players. For Shankar, it was his first taste of the intense India-Pakistan rivalry.

“We just had to take it,” Shankar recalled while speaking to The Bharat Army. The fan-recorded everything, leaving the players unable to react. They sat there, absorbing the verbal onslaught, their emotions in check. It was a surreal moment—one that epitomized the fervour surrounding this historic clash.

Yet, when the match day arrived, Shankar transformed adversity into triumph. Making his World Cup debut, he bowled his very first delivery—a crucial wicket that sent Pakistan’s opener, Imam-ul-Haq, back to the pavilion. Later, he dismissed Sarfaraz Ahmed, contributing significantly to India’s 89-run victory in the rain-curtailed game.

Shankar’s resilience extended beyond the boundary ropes. He coped with the mounting pressure by spending time with Dinesh Karthik, his teammate. They shared coffee, light-hearted moments, and laughter—an essential release valve amidst the intense competition. The camaraderie helped Shankar ease out and focus on the game.

As the sun set over Old Trafford, Manchester, Shankar’s response to adversity became emblematic of the spirit of cricket. The Pakistan fan’s abuse had no power over him; instead, it fueled his determination.

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