“We could definitely compete and beat some of the full member nations,” USA’s Aaron Jones ahead of the Super 8 Challenge


The United States cricket team, once overshadowed by traditional powerhouses, is now making waves on the international stage. Vice-captain Aaron Jones has boldly expressed their desire to play more matches against full-member teams. Let’s delve into this exciting development:

The T20 World Cup 2024 witnessed a historic moment for USA cricket. They secured a spot in the Super 8 stage after their match against Ireland was washed out. This achievement marks the first time the USA has advanced to this crucial phase of the tournament.

Aaron Jones backs his team in the Super 8s

Jones emphasizes that the USA wants to face the big guns—teams like India, Australia, and England. Their goal is to test themselves against the best in the world. The schedule permitting, the USA aims to lock horns with full member nations, proving their mettle on the grand stage.

“Yeah, I think it’s very possible, to be honest, if the schedule permits. I think for the boys we want to play as much cricket as possible and we would love to play more cricket against the Full member Nations. That’s where we’re going to test ourselves best against the best in the world. So definitely let’s see how it goes but we really and truly will love that for sure,” said Jones.

The USA’s recent performances have turned heads. They defeated Pakistan and gave India a run for their money in the group stage. Jones asserts that they can compete and beat full-member teams. Their confidence is soaring, and they eagerly await the Super 8 challenge.

Jones believes that if the USA consistently plays “proper cricket,” they can triumph over any opponent. Their journey is about more than just participation; it’s about making a mark and proving that the USA belongs among the cricketing elite.

“Definitely looking forward to the challenge for sure. Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve shown that obviously we could definitely compete and beat some of the full member nations. So definitely looking forward to playing against them for sure,” said Jones.

Qualifying for the Super 8s isn’t just about the team; it’s a momentous occasion for fans and budding talent in American cricket. Jones acknowledges the support from fans across America and recognizes the impact this achievement will have on the younger generation of players.

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