Watch Suresh Raina and MS Dhoni rekindle their bromance full on at CSK reunion!

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MS Dhoni finally made his much-anticipated return to the cricket field after a long overdue absence, but it was not before he reunited with his partner in crime Suresh Raina. The brothers in arms marked their reunion with a warm hug before bursting into laughter.



“Reunited and it feels so good”, just as the lyrics of this famous song goes by, a reunion never felt so good. While the short clip was more than enough to send the Chennai Super Kings’ faithful into a state of frenzy, it also meant a lot to the rest of the franchise bases as the pair who arguably ruled the Indian middle-order for the better part of the last decade finally getting together.

Check out the video of their reunion as posted by the Chennai Super Kings twitter handle, right below:



“Thala” and “China Thala”, as so-called affectionately by their loyal fan base, have been close teammates after playing together in blue as well as yellow. The pair were separated for a brief stint as they were shipped off to different franchises upon Chennai Super Kings’ suspension.

Dhoni made his grand return to the training nets which was accompanied by raucous cheers from the fans present at the Chepauk.

It has not exactly been smooth sailing for the pair as of late. MS Dhoni was under the microscope going into the World Cup and with India’s exit, retirement talks loomed. The former captain went into a state of exile and made himself unavailable for all the subsequent tours.

Meanwhile, Suresh Raina’s brief stint back into the T20 side ended with a dip in form and the upcoming IPL would be a great platform to showcase the world of their prowess. But after knee surgery, having a good IPL season is the only priority for Raina at the moment. He said:

“My aim is just to have a good IPL. I am not thinking of any aspirations of making a comeback to the national team for the World T20, but to just enjoy the season and take it from there,”

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