WATCH: Sunil Chhetri Pays Tribute To Kolkata’s Legendary ‘Lozenge Maashi’ By Inviting Her To Bengaluru FC Team Lunch

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Kolkata remains to be the “Mecca of Indian football” and Bengaluru FC has paid a tribute to Jamuna Das, a lozenge seller in Kolkata. Regarded as ‘Lozenge Maashi’, she has been supporting Indian football for more than three decades. Indian superstar footballer Sunil Chhetri himself invited her to the team lunch to honor her support for Indian football.

Sunil Chhetri pays tribute to her

sunil chhetri5

The official Twitter handle posted a video clip that captured the beautiful moments between Jamuna Das and the whole Bengaluru FC team. Sunil said[as transcribed by SportsIndiaShow]: “We are talking about Kolkata’s legend, somebody who has waited for me and my team for the last two decades. Before the game we always see her, after the game you’ll see her. The love and affection that she has shown to me and so many players for the last two decades is unparralled and today I’m here, waiting for her to receive her and we will love to take her to out team lunch. I just hope we can bring her a smile on her face.”

In front of the Bengaluru FC players, Sunil said: “She has been supporting the footballers for the last thirty years. Some of the boys in our team was not even born. Whether it’s the National team, club, whoever is playing at the Maidan or anywhere in this region, she’ll be there for the game. No matter what, she has been through a lot of thick and thin in her life but we will never miss her in the game and it’s unbelievable. I’ve played for twenty-one years and they call me a legend. She has been here for thirty years non-stop, I think it’s amazing.”

Glimpses of Jamuna Das having lunch with the players were captured and she  herself talked about the experience with the players. She said[translated]: “Having lunch here with so many footballing brothers, having Sunil as well, my brother, I’ll never forget this moment in my whole life. Everyone keeps talking about Messi, is Sunil any less than him? Sunil is better than Messi.

I’ve never had such experience in my whole life. I’ve been to many places and met many players. But I’ve never received so much of respect. I’m honored.”

The team’s Head Coach Simon Grayson also opened up on her. He said:

“She is fully respected by all the players who’ve seen her for many many years. We missed her with the last couple of years, with the pandemic happening but you need people like her who really appreciate people,human beings but enjoys football. She’ll have few stories to tell I’m sure, some good players, some bad players, good games and bad games. So, fantastic character to have around it. It’s been out privilege and honor today to invite her to lunch today with the players.”

Mumbai City FC will take on Bengaluru FC in the final of Durand Cup 2022 at the Salt Lake stadium in Kolkata on Sunday.

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