Watch : Jose Mourinho in hilarious ‘special one’ ad for Paddy Power!


Jose Mourinho is known to all in the football World in the name of ‘Special One’. The tagline that Jose Mourinho earned in his managerial career has been used brilliantly by Paddy Power in this advertisement. The ad is certainly showing that the new concepts are coming in our way.

Paddy Power is a renowned website used for online betting in United Kingdom. In betting the lion is quite an important factor. The advertisement also consists of the fact that the betting depends hugely on luck. On the given day, how the luck is working for the participants, play a huge factor in the betting.

Jose Mourinho did not win a single trophy with Manchester United in his second season. However, the team played well in that particular season. So, we can say that the results are not always the judgemental criteria to assess.

Jose Mourinho’s inclusion in the advertising has created a lot of buzz. The people are watching it in social media channels. In the near future we might see other sports personnels to be there in the advertisement. The advertisement of Paddy Power introducing Jose Mourinho in their campaign has been successful so far and the responses are mostly positive ones.