Watch: Incredible young kid mirrors Roger Federer’s footwork and shot-making by watching him on TV!

Image Courtesy: Instagram(@kosuke.o4o5)/Steve G Tennis

If you ask anyone to picture a person with a tennis racket in a court, all of them will imagine Roger Federer. The veteran Swiss is has become the front face of the sport, and has been one of the major reasons of people’s love for the sport. he has inspired many to take up tennis as a hobby or profession, even from a young age. Such has gone viral in a new video, where a Japanese child is seen imitating his idol on TV with perfection.

Image Courtesy: Instagram(@kosuke.o4o5)/Steve G Tennis

Yesterday, the Association of Professional Tennis (ATP) posted a video on their official Twitter handle @atptour, where a young kid with a tennis is watching Federer in action on screen, and is mimicking the 38 year old’s every single action with perfection, from the famous ‘trophy pose’ first serve and receiving stance, to the former World no. 1’s renowned backhand.

Check out the impressive kid in action in the clip below-

ATP Tour writes: “It doesn’t get much cuter than this. Still inspiring the next generation, @rogerfederer!”

They also credited the original uploader of the video, an Instagram user named @kosuke.o4o5. The guy posted the video on Instagram 3 days ago.

A quick look into his profile reveals that he is a Japanese man named Jiro Nosuke, and lives in the city of Fukuoka. Father of two boys aged 4 and 6, and the kid in action in the clip is his older son Yunosuke. His profile also says that even though the parents are not tennis players, Yunosuke attends a tennis school once a week.

Jiro’s profile is filled with clips of young Yunosuke in action, both in the court and at home. Mimicking Federer’s gameplay is what Jiro terms as ‘Kojrou image training’, as seen in another clip here-

Not only that, Jiro also trains Yunosuke in ‘Balance training.’

Federer, who is currently seeded no. 3 in the ATP World Rankings, defeated Novak Djokovic to reach the semifinal of the 2019 ATP Finals in London. However, the record 20 times Grand Slam champion was overpowered by Stefanos Tsitsipas, and the Greek defeated Dominic Thiem from Austria in the final.

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