Wasim Akram slams Hasan Raza’s fake accusation against India: “Don’t insult Pakistan in front of world by your claims”

wasim akram

Wasim Akram took aim at Hasan Raza for saying that India is receiving different balls in the ICC World Cup 2023 in order to get more seam and swing than other countries. Leading cricketers criticized Raza for his remarks, which caused a great deal of controversy.

In order to end the heated conversation, Akram provided a thorough response when questioned about the issue. Before the game started, the former Pakistani bowler went into detail on the ball preparation procedure and the roles that match officials have in supervising these finer points. He joked lightheartedly that he would want to share in the gossipers’ indulgence, implying that the rumors were unfounded.

Wasim Akram: Don’t insult Pakistan in front of world by your claims


“I’ve been reading about this for the last two days. I want to have the same thing these guys are having, sounds like fun. Mind is not there. You are not only embarrassing yourself but us too. See, it’s a simple thing. The umpire, surrounded by other match officials, goes to the team bowling first with a box that contains 12 balls.”

He further added, “The bowler(s) picks two balls as per his preference. He then takes the remaining eight balls to the dressing room of the other team. They follow the same drill. He then hands over the balls to the fourth umpire, and all of this takes place in front of other match officials,” Akram said on A Sports

The Indian fast bowlers have taken an astounding 45 wickets in just seven matches during the current ICC World Cup. They have done so at a very respectable average of 18.57, with two five-wicket hauls from Mohammed Shami alone. The pacers have already claimed 15 wickets in powerplays. The Indian pace trio of Mohammed Shami, Mohammed Siraj, and Jasprit Bumrah was praised by Akram, who hinted that they “might be better” than their counterparts.

“Kaun sochta hai ye cheezein? (Who thinks like this?). How can a ball swing with a device. The theory is simple, one side is light (rough) one side is heavy (shine). I know the argument is that players from other countries, including ours, haven’t been that affective. However, I also think that the Indian bowlers might have learnt something extra. May be they are better and more effecient right now,” the 57-year-old added.