Viswanathan Anand Welcomes R Ashwin to the World of Chess in Thalaivar’s Style

Viswanathan Anand

Legendary Viswanathan Anand welcomed India cricketer R Ashwin to the world of chess after the off-spinner was unveiled as the co-owner of a new franchise in the Global Chess League. After having featured in multiple roles across the 22 yards, the celebrated cricketer will now don the role of a co-owner of American Gambits, one of the six teams in the league, which is a joint venture between the World Chess Body (FIDE) and Tech Mahindra.

Viswanathan Anand welcome Ashwin to the World of Chess

Anand, a five-time World Chess champion, took to social media to congratulate Ashwin on his exciting new venture. He acknowledged Ashwin’s cricketing prowess: “As someone who has bowled out the best in cricket, I’m sure you’ll bring the same competitive spirit to the Global Chess League with the American Gambits.”

Anand’s message was both encouraging and playful, invoking the unstoppable spirit of Ashwin’s off-spinners. Anand, knowing Ashwin’s love for Tamil cinema, quoted lines from the iconic song “Vetri Kodi Kattu” by AR Rahman from Rajinikanth’s blockbuster film “Padaiyappa.” The lyrics resonated with Ashwin, leaving him thrilled and inspired.

The second edition of the Global Chess League, featuring top Grandmasters, will take place in London from October 3 to 12. Ashwin, along with business leaders Prachura PP and Venkat Narayana, co-owns the American Gambits. The GCL is the world’s largest franchise-based team chess tournament, and Ashwin’s involvement adds excitement and prestige to the league.

As Ashwin steps onto the chessboard, Anand’s warm welcome ensures that his rooks and bishops will be as unstoppable as his off-spinners. May this new chapter in Ashwin’s sporting journey be filled with strategic brilliance and unwavering determination.

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