Virat Kohli well above the rest of the World feels Brian Lara


Former West Indian batting great Brian Lara feels that Indian skipper Virat Kohli is way above rest of the world. Lara also feels that other batsmen in the world have a lot of catching to do, to reach Kohli.

For Brian Lara, Sachin Tendulkar will remain his favourite. However, in the current era, it is Virat Kohli who rules the world.

Brian Lara received a Doctorate in Science (Honours Causa) from the DY Patil University in Nerul. This is when he said, “He (Virat Kohli) is a (run) machine. But sorry to say Sachin Tendulkar is my (choice).”

The man with the strongest record in test matches said that Kohli is his go-to man to play any format of the game.

Lara further credited Tendulkar for imbibing confidence into the Indian side, which has led them to do well in overseas tours.

“Sachin has left a mark in the team. Earlier, you took India out of their home and they struggled. However, Sachin was good at batting on any surface in the world. And today, Indian batsman are good on any surface. It is like they took all their learnings from Sachin,” said Lara.

Meanwhile, the way West Indies has been playing has left him disappointed. The team is already out of the World Cup.

“We have turned to a corner. Every country, every sports team goes through a little bit of cycle, but we seem to be in the same position for quite some-time, which is unfortunate.”