Virat Kohli vs journalist goes down yet again after India’s 7 wicket loss to New Zealand!

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The Indian National Cricket Team is currently undergoing a rough patch, as continuous losses to New Zealand in One Day Internationals and Test Matches have overpowered the sweet taste of whitewash victory in the T20 Internationals. Although each and every player suffers due to a collective lack of confidence, there is no one more under pressure than the skipper himself. Virat Kohli faces a personal slump in form in this tour, as he has continuously failed to solidify his innings into big scores.

The lackluster personal performance coupled with a lack of confidence as a team are definitely questions that journalists will try to ask Kohli. But it seems that the subdued differences between Kohli and the press is back into limelight. He once again had a verbal exchange with a journalist after India’s 7-wicket defeat against New Zealand in the second Test in Christchurch on Monday.


Kohli was seen in fiery mood while inside the field on the second day of the Christchurch Test. According to social media users, he was even caught swearing. Kohli directed a silencing sign in a gesture to silence the crowd, and Twitterati says he used expletives during the exchange.

When a journalist asked Virat about the incident at the post-match press conference, the Indian Skipper hit back calling out the journalist for asking questions without knowledge of facts.


The exchange went as follows:

Journalist: Virat, what’s your reaction to your behaviour on the field, swearing at Williamson when he got out, swearing at the crowd. As an Indian captain, don’t you think you should set a better example on the field?

Virat Kohli: What do you think?

Journalist: I asked you the question?

Virat Kohli: I am asking you the answer.

Journalist: You need to set better examples

Virat Kohli: You need to find out exactly what happened and come up with better questions. You can’t come here with half questions or half details of what happened. And also, if you want to create controversy, this is not the right place. I had spoken to the match referee. He had no issues with what happened. Thank You.

This adds to Kohli’s long-standing problems with the press. Even on this tour, before this incident, he retorted to a reporter, albeit in a more light-hearted tone.

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