Virat Kohli reveals origins of his ‘maniac’ mentality to fellow skipper Sunil Chhetri

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Indian football and cricket blended for an evening filled with laughs and more led by the respective skippers Sunil Chhetri and Virat Kohli. The duo talked about their mutual drive for fitness and much more in a riveting 90-minute Instagram video call. 

Virat Kohli is often credited for the way the Indian team’s recent outlook on fitness but as the Indian skipper claims, his eyes needed to be opened to see the benefits of physical transformation.


The batsman credited Royal Challengers Bangalore’s trainer Shankar Basu for paving the way for him into the world of fitness. He revealed to Sunil Chhetri:

“It (fitness and training) is everything to me. I would not take credit for it, for me the biggest factor for my career going in another template has to be Shankar Basu. He was a trainer at RCB and introduced me to lifting. At first, I was a bit hesitant because I had back issues. It was a totally new concept for me, but I could see the results after 3 weeks,”


Kohli then added that due to his genes, he realized that he needs to work twice as hard to get into a desirable physical state. To attain the goal he changed his diet under the supervision of Basu. Kohli revealed that when people praise him for the transition he has managed to attain, he feels that he is only doing the necessary thing required for the job and it is his duty to do the same. He added:

“Till the time I’m playing the sport, I will be a maniac. If you have to play for your country, you will have to work hard, if you cannot do that, then you should step away,”

Kohli was finally asked about his dream meals if he is to take a cheat day. The Indian skipper had an elaborate answer to the same which included a self-invented dessert and a barrage of traditional North Indian vegan meals following his switch.

Chhetri wished that the cheat day would arrive soon for Kohli and then proceeded to sign off with a request that he would document the day, a request which the Indian skipper duly obliged.

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