Virat Kohli reveals claustrophobia during nets sessions


The Indian Skipper Virat Kohli has revealed that he finds the net sessions “CLAUSTROPHOBIC” and prefers to practice with fielders around in the centre pitch as it gives him match simulation and match practice.

Virat revealed about his phobia during an interview with West Indian great Sir Vivian Richards. The Indian Captain gave his views in a chat with the former West Indies captain Sir Vivian Richards.

“I felt like this many times where the pitches are fast and bouncy, or even in the nets when you are playing, I am sure you wouldn’t go to the practice just randomly practising,” Kohli said, seeking the opinion of Richards on his approach to net practice. “You would go with the intent, with the purpose that I’m going to stand up against my own bowlers and not get out, not even hit a ball on the edge, hit everything from the middle of the bat.”

Vivian Richards also shared the same feeling as the former windies batsman was as flamboyant as anybody in the history of the games. A player who used to intimidate the oppositions with his looks and power hitting also shared his experiences and also told that how he used to bat without a helmet in order to make himself strong and mentally prepare for the upcoming games. The legend said that he avoided helmets because he though he was the man and he was the one who could intimidate any opposition. He also added that if he gets hurt that was god’s plan but he knew he would survive.

Kohli also shared his experience of his horrid 2014 tour to England. “After 2014, I went to England and I had a very bad tour but the next one was Australia which was even more hostile and tough so the thing that helped me was visualisation,” he said. “Three months before going to Australia I started visualizing that I was taking these bowlers on and I am going to dominate and I’m going to come on top and that for me was a revelation because I had so much belief because of putting that thought in my head.”