Virat Kohli leaves for London After World Cup Victory Parade Celebrations

Virat Kohli

After the massive T20 World Cup victory celebrations that brought Mumbai’s traffic to a standstill, Indian cricket star Virat Kohli wasted no time. He immediately left for London to be with his family.

Virat Kohli’s family commitments

Team India returned home on July 4 after their triumphant T20 World Cup campaign in Barbados. The players attended various celebration events, including a special roadshow in Mumbai where they posed with the trophy for fans.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi hosted the team for a special breakfast meeting, engaging in light-hearted conversations with the players. The entire team danced and celebrated at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai, leaving the crowd enthralled.

Despite the exhausting day, Kohli, known for his dedication, took a flight to London without even a night’s rest. His wife, Bollywood actor Anushka Sharma, and their two children, Vamika and Akaay, are reportedly in the UK. Kohli’s commitment to family and cricket shines through.

In the T20 World Cup final, Kohli found form when it mattered most. His match-winning knock of 76 (59) earned him the Player of the Match award. Despite initial struggles in the tournament, he stepped up when the stakes were high.

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