Virat Kohli explains what attracted him to Anushka Sharma!

Image Courtesy: TVC/Pinkvilla

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma- there is no doubt about the sheer love and bonding the country’s favourite couple share with each other. The feeling that started with just a shampoo ad, is now a support system the Bollywood superstar and the Men in Blue leader have in common. Speaking to India Today, Kohli recollected the first emotions he had towards his better half in the early days.

Image Courtesy: TVC/Pinkvilla

The 31 year old was present in the ‘India Today Inspiration’ hosted by Boria Majumdar,  Indian sports journalist and Consulting Editor for India Today. While speaking about his career’s journey, the Royal Challengers Bangalore captain articulated the support Anushka provides him.

“She is someone who has always maintained her integrity, always been a person who does the right thing. When it comes to our relationship, her taking time to come and see me or me taking time to go and see her, it’s understanding. It’s not an effort for either of us.”

The two tied knots in December 2017, maturing a relationship that came more from comfort rather than attraction.

“You know when you come from a middle-class background, these are the kind of scenarios you have seen growing up. There was a lot of comfort factor immediately. The thing that was fascinating for me the most was how relaxed and how chilled out she was for who she already was at that stage.”

Kohli starred with Anushka in a Clear shampoo ad in 2013, and the decorated Men in Blue batsman also revealed that the commercial brought them close to each other.

You know how welcoming and comforting she was and how was approachable she was. Immediately we just really became friendly. I was the one probably fooling around all the time and some of the jokes were really silly but that’s how I am. I love having a good time, you know having a good laugh. And she would really find a lot of things funny as well. We got talking from thereon. I am really glad that shampoo commercial happened.”

Kohli will be leading team India in their upcoming T20 series against West Indies, starting from 6th December.