Virat Kohli explains why he is ‘in awe’ of Cristiano Ronaldo and not Lionel Messi

Image Courtesy: Getty/Action/LaPresse

From the West Delhi Cricket Academy recruit to the captain Indian Cricket Team, it has been a long journey for Virat Kohli. Motivation from the legendary Sachin Tendulkar and the persistent support from Anushka Sharma are the key factors, but the skipper revealed the one footballer that he venerate, the one and only Cristiano Ronaldo, even more so than Lionel Messi.

Image Courtesy: Getty/Action/LaPresse

The Royal Challengers Bangalore skipper was present for a talk show with India Today, and speaking to Indian sports journalist Boria Majumdar, the 31 year old said that its the Portuguese hit man whom he idolizes.

“I think Cristiano Ronaldo because I like the fact that is targeted on a daily basis but he has the mental strength, the will to work hard and the desire to keep coming back.” Kohli said in the interview.

The talent that comes natural to Messi, is a product of sheer will power and hard work for Cristiano Ronaldo, as Kohli believes it to be.

“For me those things matter more than someone having absolute unreal natural ability, which is (Lionel) Messi, so I am in awe of Ronaldo.” he added.

Kohli will be leading team India in their upcoming T20 series against West Indies, starting from 6th December.