Virat Kohli came to Naveen ul-Haq’s recue after Delhi crowd trolls him in the stadium


At the India vs. Afghanistan 2023 World Cup game in Delhi on Wednesday, Virat Kohli and Naveen-ul-Haq appeared to have put their problems behind them as they shook hands and gave each other hugs.

In the Indian Premier League of 2023, there was an altercation on the pitch involving Kohli and Naveen. But the two have put that behind them and buried the grudge.

After the match, Naveen told media that his disagreement with Kohli did not extend off the field. Furthermore, he asserted that the media exaggerated the intensity of the argument.

He is a nice guy, a good player, and we shook hands. It’s always in the ground; it was nothing outside the ground. People make it big. They need that stuff for their followers. He said we are done with that, and I said yes, we are done with it. We shook hands and hugged.”

In the 2023 World Cup, Virat Kohli maintained his stellar form, reaching his second consecutive half-century. With eight wickets remaining, the Men in Blue successfully chased down the 273-run total, and he was still undefeated at 55 versus Afghanistan.

The best batsman was skipper Rohit Sharma, who scored 131 runs off of just 84 balls. He was declared the Player of the Match due to his incredible batting performance.

Virat Kohli came to Naveen ul-Haq’s recue after Delhi crowd trolls him in the stadium

After the altercation with Virat Kohli on the pitch, Naveen-ul-Haq encountered trolls and was frequently met with cries of “Kohli, Kohli.”

Since that the game was being played at Kohli’s home stadium in Delhi, it was believed that he would run into a similar circumstance versus India.

During the match, the fans taunted Naveen, but Kohli intervened to save the fast bowler by pleading with them to stop.

India’s World Cup 2023 campaign is off to a great start. They have won two of their last five games, which puts them in second place in the standings.