“Very much not underdogs,” Jonathan Trott backs his Afghanistan side to stun India in the Super 8 encounter

Jonathan Trott

Afghanistan head coach, Jonathan Trott, firmly believes that his team is not an underdog heading into the Super 8 fixture against India in the T20 World Cup. Despite not having beaten India in eight T20I meetings, Trott remains optimistic about Afghanistan’s chances.

Jonathan Trott in facing favourites India

In Trott’s mind, there are no underdogs in T20 cricket but aware that India is a favourite, there will be a lot of expectations from them. He hopes to exploit that. Moreover, given that the match will be a day game, there’s no question of dew, which greatly benefits Afghanistan given that they are quite reliant on them.

“Quite excited to play India in a day game,” Trott said.

Afghanistan performs better in day games. The absence of dew during day matches favours them, as they rely on specific conditions to excel.

“Obviously, they’re a very, very good side in the day. Obviously, one of the favourites, and being favourites obviously has added pressure for India, and hopefully, we can come in obviously perceived as underdogs, but in my mind, very much not underdogs and fully prepared and ready for the battle that confronts us tomorrow, which I’m very excited about.”

Afghanistan enters the match with confidence, ready to challenge the favorites and upset expectations. The T20 World Cup promises an exciting clash between these two teams.

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