USA vs Bangladesh warm up match Cancelled; Can a Tornado Spoil the T20 World Cup?

T20 World Cup
Damged LED Video display at Grand Prairie Stadium. Source: Peter Della Penna on X

The T20 World Cup 2024 warm-up match between the United States of America (USA) and Bangladesh, scheduled to take place at the Grand Prairie Stadium in Dallas, was cancelled due to adverse weather conditions. The match was abandoned without a ball being bowled. The cancellation was due to the conditions of the facilities following the adverse weather that affected the area.

Severe weather conditions, including tornadoes and thunderstorms, significantly impacted the area. A tornado and consequent thunderstorms destroyed a giant TV screen that was recently installed at the Grand Prairie Stadium. The Texas city witnessed thunderstorms on Tuesday morning, leading to heavy rain and flood warnings. The ground also suffered some damage.

Can a Tornado Spoil the T20 World Cup?

The cancellation of the warm-up match raises concerns about the potential impact of severe weather on the upcoming T20 World Cup matches. The Grand Prairie Stadium is set to host the opening match of the T20 World Cup 2024 between the USA and Canada on June 2. However, the recent tornado and thunderstorms have caused significant damage to the stadium, including the destruction of a giant TV screen.

Severe weather killed at least 23 people over the weekend in the US, injuring hundreds of others and leaving a path of destruction. Texas governor Greg Abbott said more than a third of counties were subject to a disaster declaration after extreme weather ploughed through the state. There was further heavy rain overnight and winds up to 80mph while storm sirens sounded in the city of Dallas.

Given these circumstances, there is a possibility that severe weather could disrupt the T20 World Cup. However, the extent to which a tornado could spoil the tournament depends on several factors, including the timing of the storms, the severity of the weather, and the preparedness and response of the event organizers.

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