Unai Emery’s ex girlfriend reveals he called her a ‘white witch’ and blamed her for Arsenal sack

Did Unai Emery really blame his ex-girlfriend for the sack at Arsenal?!

The former Arsenal manager Unai Emery when he had joined the London based club had an extremely impressive resume and was expected to take the Gunners to new heights. However, after 1.5 seasons at the club, the Spaniard got the axe due to poor results and little to no improvement since taking over from longtime boss Arsene Wenger. Unai Emery’s ex-girlfriend has revealed that the former Europa League winning boss blamed her for his departure from Arsenal.

It should be noted that under Wenger the club was rarely backed in transfer windows by the club. However, last season under the new leadership of Vinai Venkateshwam the club had an excellent transfer window with Emery successfully securing most if not all of his targets like Nicholas Pepe and Kerian Tierney.

Unai Emery
Did Unai Emery really blame his ex-girlfriend for the sack at Arsenal?!

Unai Emery’s former girlfriend Sacha Wright revealed that the couple had split back in September of last year but later got back together in December after Emery was sacked in November. She also made another startling revelation in the same interview given to THE SUN that the Spaniard had blamed her for his dismissal because of her allegedly bringing him ‘bad luck’. Here’s what she told SUN:

It was then that he blamed me for getting him the sack. He told me I was a white witch as I had brought him so much bad luck. He told me he was so stressed out that his mind wasn’t in the right place after we separated. I flew out to meet him in San Sebastian just before New Year’s Eve and it was then that he blamed me for Arsenal losing. I trusted Unai and really believed we would get married and have kids together one day. I thought he was a gentleman and a real family man. But in the end, I realized he was not ready for a serious relationship. We would meet up after most games and sometimes during the week too. If the team had not been playing well he would tell me, ‘I’m having a tough time. It’s very stressful at the moment’. He was always watching football and checking the results. He would even lie in bed with one game on his computer and another one on his tablet. This would be in the morning and also right before we went to sleep. It was bit annoying but it was his routine and I accepted it.

It should be noted that THE SUN is rather infamous for doing sensational journalism, also the fact that Sacha Wright is Emery’s former girlfriend, so her comments can be a case of sour grapes. Thus, this entire story should be taken by the readers with a grain of salt.





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