How Was Tyson Able to Lose So Much Weight While Training for His Upcoming Fight?


Boxing fans from all walks of life are eagerly anticipating the upcoming bout between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. Scheduled to take place on 28 November, there has been a massive amount of speculation in regards to who will emerge victorious. Indeed, there is no doubt that both fighters have been training incredibly hard. Both men appear to be anticipating a true battle in the ring.

However, we need to remember that neither are in their prime. This is why their training regimens have been understandably rigorous. In particular, Tyson appears to have dropped a massive amount of weight within a relatively short period of time. How did he accomplish such a feat and what does this say about his intentions?

Adapting to Changing Times

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Adaptation is key to survival within the sporting community. This is just as true when referring to casino-related websites such as as it is when discussing what athletes require to rise above the competition. The good news is that Iron Mike has always possessed a flexible mindset. In fact, his previous training programmes were quite unique in terms of their intensity.

Many fans believe that he has always been a proponent of weight training. Interestingly enough, this is hardly the case. Tyson actually avoided weights entirely throughout his career; instead of focusing upon bodyweight movements and high-intensity callisthenics. This is now referred to as high-intensity interval training (HIIT). This is also (arguably) one of the reasons why he rarely held any extra weight in the ring. It may likewise be able to explain his phenomenal speed. Of course, we also have to take into account his previous training as well as his obvious genetic advantage.

It is therefore likely that Tyson was able to easily modify his prior training routines in order to meet his current goals without sacrificing intensity. We will have to see if this strategy leads to a win.

An Unwavering Sense of Personal Discipline

Mindset is equally important. Tyson has always been known for his zen-like approach to training. It was not uncommon for him to spend between five and six hours in the gym training on a daily basis. Thus, it is perfectly understandable to appreciate why he has been able to shed extra weight during the past few months (although we are still not exactly sure how much). This type of discipline also influences his diet, so there is no doubt that he will be at the top of his game on the night of 28 November.

The main question is whether or not he can walk away a winner. Roy Jones Jr. is a formidable opponent and he is well aware of what he will need to overcome. Might we witness a Tyson once again hungry and ready to do battle? Could a first-round knockout be in store? When it comes to these two heavyweights, nothing is for certain. However, the sheer training intensity exhibited by Tyson does not bode entirely well for Roy Jones Jr.


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