Twitter doesn’t take kindly after BCCI commentator says ‘every Indian must know Hindi!’


The Ranji Trophy match between Karnataka and Baroda on Thursday witnessed controversy after a BCCI commentator declared that ‘every Indian should know Hindi as it is our mother tongue.’ Ironically enough, the match is being contested by the two non-Hindi speaking states at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore. The incident took the social media by storm with angry netizens questioning the remark while some took it too offensively.

Picture Credit: Cricket Country

During the seventh over of Baroda’s second innings, one of the two on-air commentators said,

‘I liked the fact that Sunil Gavaskar is commentating in Hindi and is giving his valuable in the same language. I also loved it that he called the dot ball as a ‘bindi’ ball.”

While his partner, the other commentator Sushil Doshi responded in a similar manner, “Every Indian must know Hindi. This is our mother tongue. There is no bigger language than this.”

“In fact, I look at those people with a lot of anger who say that we are cricketers still we should talk in Hindi? You are staying in India then you will obviously speak its mother tongue,” he further added.

And naturally these statements brewed up a storm on social media as several fans quickly took to Twitter to voice their discontent.

Check out some of the furious reactions to the controversial comment:

According to a 2011 Census, only 26 percent of the country’s population use Hindi as their mother tongue; while the data also revealed that, even though Hindi is the most widely spoken language in the country, almost six in every 10 people, or 56.37 per cent of the citizens, do not identify it as their first language or mother tongue.


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