Twitter in awe of Dhoni after the keeper kept batting despite injury


Dhoni has constantly been on the radar of critics throughout this World Cup. His batting approach has been drawing a lot of flak off late, especially on twitter. Not just cricketing legends but the fans too have been slamming Dhoni’s low pace of scoring. People have even questioned the former captain’s intent.

Furthermore, people are hoping for the Dhoni from the yesteryears to make a comeback and start bashing the bowlers again. The criticism saw a new high on Sunday when the Men in Blue ended up on the losing side.

The last five overs needed India to score 50 more runs. However, the former skipper could not find the boundaries and kept dealing in singles. This got the fans furious with the veteran’s approach.

However, what went unnoticed was the pain that Dhoni was suffering from while he kept batting. He had taken two blows on his thumb, once while keeping and once while batting. While the fans were constantly condemning Dhoni’s approach, pictures of Dhoni sucking the blood out of his thumb and spitting it out surfaced on the internet.

This suddenly resulted in the fans changing the course of comments. The critics started appreciating the former skipper for his dedication. There was no more criticism for the legend.