The top four Asian tennis players in the top WTA rankings


Tennis has already become a blockbuster sport in Asia, following the numerous titles and accomplishments tennis players have achieved in the world tennis arena. With special regards to female tennis players, in the last two decades, we have been witnessing their impressive and fascinating, sometimes surprising, but all-the-way exciting, pathway toward the top.

Female tennis players from the Asian Federation are gaining momentum in the WTA and they seem to be paving their way straight ahead to land on the top rankings, as they deserve to do. So, if you are a tennis fan or if you are a fan of tennis betting, here are the top four Asian women who are expected to thrive in the upcoming and following tennis world scene. Following, we present these female tennis players who will dominate the betting markets of every online bookmaker and every bkash betting site in the seasons to come.

Elena Rybakina 

The 24 year old Kazakh professional tennis player has made her presence in the WTA very ‘loud’, managing to climb at the top ranking positions – now she is the No. 3 seed in the WTA rankings, after winning the Wimbledon in 2022. But there is more to it, because she is a rising star and we expect to see many more titles to come in the following seasons.

Rybakina is the first Asian female tennis player to have won the Wimbledon – beating Ons Jabeur last year in the final – and the first woman from Kazakhstan to ever have won a Grand Slam.

She has a unique personality on the court, she is very dedicated to reaching the top and she has that magnificent ability to be focused and immersed in every tennis match, that it is quite impossible to be phased away.

Qinwen Zheng

The Chinese professional tennis player does not have a Grand Slam title or any other major world title, but she is definitely one of those athletes to watch out for.

She has achieved something that only a few tennis players have achieved: in almost a year she managed to rise by nearly 120 positions, going to the top 25 of WTA. Her career is high-ranking, up to now, has been in the 19th position.

We have a lot more to see from Qinwen Zheng – WTA’s Newcomer for 2022 -who has been stunning everyone with her game and exceptional skills.

Lin Zhu

Chinese Lin Zhu is now the 34th seed in the WTA, but her high ranking has also been the No. 33. Her big title came with winning the 2023 Thailand Open in Singles, while four years earlier she had won the Jiangxi Open Doubles -in 2019.

She is chasing after a huge title that will bring her to the forefront of the WTA rankings, and it is in fact a very realistic scenario to see her landing on Top 25 in the very near future.

This season has been a good one for Lin Zhu, especially if we consider that in the Australian Open, she managed to reach the fourth round, defeating the No. 32 and No. 6 at the time – Jil Teichmann and Maria Sakkari. Her victory over Sakkari was her first-ever defeat over a Top 10 seed.

Shuai Zhang

The 34 year old Chinese tennis player currently sits at the 36th position in the WTA rankings. Her high ranking in singles is 22, while she has gone to the 2nd place in doubles.

Some see Zhang as being at the dawn of her professional career in tennis, though this seems to be far from the truth, considering that she has been constantly showcasing a growing stamina, a remarkable dedication and a continuous improvement of her game. She has an upwarding trend in her performance and this is very likely to continue in the years to come.