Top 5 Best Players To Look Out For In Mumbai Muscle


Kyle Cummings

Pune’s 21-year-old Kyle Cummings started competing in the sport in 2019. While he doesn’t have training partners in Pune, he uses unorthodox methods of training with custom-made handles and belts which he has been experimenting with for years. Thus making his wrist the strongest in the field.

Paarth Sonni,

Paarth Sonni from Maharashtra competing in 100+ kg category has been armwrestling professionally for the past 8 years. He has been in competitive armwrestling for 6 years. He has also won several tournaments including COC. He is a 6-time National Gold medalist, 5-time state overall champion, 2-time Indian overall champion, 2 time national silver medalist, and also won several super fights. With this experience, he could add immense value to the franchise team.

Pramod Mukhi,

Pramod Mukhi from Odisha has been training in Armwrestling for nearly 15
years. He had won a Bronze medal at Gwalior in 2022 and then he won a Silver
medal at the PPL Chandigarh event. He is a very well-focused athlete and very consistent. In national he has won 5 silver medals and 3 gold medals, and Sheru class 2 gold medals. Overall champion in 2018 all India.

Jogender Yadav,

Jogender Yadav, hailing from Gwalior and competing in 70kg weight category. He has been in the armwrestling sport for six years. Following Gwalior event, he has put special emphasis on improving his technique, focusing more on strength training and also
diet. He also started training under a professional coach. He believes he has the strongest hook in India and if a player gets trapped into by hook, it is very difficult for
them to beat him. He could prove to be a valuable asset for the franchise. He has won 2 Gold medals, 2 Silver, and 1 Bronze in the 2022 National Championship and also won 1 bronze and 1 silver at the 2023 National Championship. He is also a multiple-time State champion and 2022 MP State COC.

Arpan Kar

Kolkata’s 90kg category arm wrestler Arpan Kar has been competing since 2016. He has changed his workout regimen to increase endurance. It includes more cardio and table practice now. He uses a more eclectic approach. He has been working hard and has devoted everything to the game and he could turn out to be a crucial addition to the team. He is a man of ambition. He is a former Arm Wrestling State Champion.