Tokyo Olympics: India Women’s Hockey Team hopeful of QF spot after clinching 1-0 victory over Ireland

India Women’s Hockey Team was able to clinch a narrow escape with a 1-0 triumph against Ireland in the Pool A clash and thus keep their hopes alive of making it into the Quarter-final of the ongoing Olympic Games in Tokyo.

India Women’s Hockey Team scored a late winner against Ireland

India Women's Hockey

Team India was able to score a late winner and the only goal in the nail-biter of a match against Ireland. India had a positive approach and looked confident in the first quarter, with aggressive tactics. They got close to the goal, created many chances but saw lacklustre final passes and finishes.

Ireland on the other hand were patient with their game at the onset and took their chances on counterattacks to turn the pressure on India, who matched their style and maintained their shape.

In the second quarter, it was Ireland who took charge to move the ball around a little better and create a few chances. They dominated but just for a few minutes before India took charge once again.

McFarren and Savita, both were brilliant and were just impossible to beat. They were seen charging up the pitch, diving, and doing everything that is expected of a keeper. They were the pillars of their respected teams.

India started the third quarter well with consecutive attacks but both teams attempted counterattacks but neither broke the deadlock.

In the last quarter, India’s desperation for a goal came to fruition as they made the breakthrough. Rani saw an opening and whipped a shot to Navneet Kaur just tapped it in. McFerran was caught off her line, and the defense could block the shot.

India took the lead and the Irish had little time to bounce back. They brought in an extra player for their keeper and switched to an all-out attack but the Indians stood tall and defended well for a final couple of minutes to prevail over the Irish.

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