Tokyo Olympics Hockey Update: Germany wins, India loses 0-2


The Indian women’s hockey team displayed one of their best performances at the Oi Hockey Stadium on Monday but they were up against a formidable opponent – Germany, and the game ended with India losing to Germany 0-2. 

This was team India’s second match at the Olympics and they were prepared to fight it out and it was evident on the field. Team India had several chances of scoring a goal but they ended up wasting it, while Germany scored 2. 

In the first quarter, Sharmila Devi had a chance to score a goal from the left flank in the fourth minute but the German defence was too strong. The Germans were attacking the Indian side in the seventh minute. Had it not been for the excellent defence of the Indian team, the Germans would have made an easy goal. 

Devi made another dash through the middle of the pitch and made a pass to Udita, but unfortunately, Udita could not find an opening to strike a goal. A few moments later Germans had their first goal when German team captain Nike Lorenz didn’t miss the opportunity to use the Penalty Corner to score a point.

In the sixth minute, the Germans earned yet another penalty corner. Salima Tete deflected the ball wonderfully, not allowing the Germans to take another lead. India saw a chance to score again in the tenth minute and it was Vandana Katariya who was going to take a shot but again the defence was unbreakable. 

In the third quarter, Katariya found an opening again, but the ball was deflected once again by the German goalkeeper. 

India had earned a penalty corner in the third quarter but could not convert it into a goal. The captain of the Indian women’s team, Rani was the one who had taken a shot but it had bounced off Herman’s Lisa Altenburg’s thigh. The committee agreed to offer India a penalty stroke, but India failed to bridge the gap between the scores.

Before the end of the third quarter, Germany had their second goal, making it 2-0, sealing their victory as none of the team could score in the fourth quarter. 

Team India will be playing Great Britain next Wednesday.  


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