Tickets bought by Indian fans for the finals shows how fanatical the support for the team is


Thousands of English and Kiwi fans spent the eve of their team’s final by cajoling Indian supporters who have pre-booked most of the seats at Lords, to sell them their tickets at a reasonable price.

New Zealand All-Rounder Jimmy Neesham and English fast bowler Stuart Broad appealed to the fans on the behalf of their supporters. According to a close source to ICC, roughly 41 per-cent of the 30,000 tickets are still with the Indian fans.

Neesham who has been a crucial player for the Kiwis in this edition of the world cup, tweeted : “Dear Indian cricket fans. If you don’t want to come to the final anymore then please be kind and resell your tickets via the official platform. I know it’s tempting to try to make a large profit but please give all genuine cricket fans a chance to go, not just the wealthy,” he tweeted. Through another tweet, he also tried to put things in perspective. “I mean, I can see why people would want to make a couple of quid and that’s fine, but the asking price of some I’ve seen is absolutely ludicrous.”

Deco Rator , a decorated English fan who follows the team all around the world finds himself ticketless and was requesting people for a spare ticket on different social media platforms.

Something similar happened , albeit on a lower scale during the second-semifinal between Austalia and England at Edgabaston, where the Indian fans frantically bought the tickets, but Australia’s loss to South Africa changed the semi-final fixtures.

The ICC though are hopeful that it would be a full house at Lords during the finals as the British-Indians will come to support the English team.