This is How Indian IT Giants are Fueling the Formula Racing World

Formula Racing

Indian IT giants, Tata Communications and Wipro, have been instrumental in revolutionizing the world of Formula Racing. Their strategic partnerships with Formula 1 and McLaren Technology Group respectively, have not only enhanced the viewer experience but also improved the operational efficiency of these racing entities.

Following the footsteps, Infosys has announced its entry into the formula racing world by joining hands with rapidly growing Formula E.

As per the company’s statement: The partnership aims to enhance in-race insights, fan engagement, and sustainability reporting and tracking across the championship. It focuses on three core areas: fan growth, technology innovation, and continued environmental stewardship.

Infosys’ strategic partnership with Formula E

With the aim of engaging 500 million fans by 2030, Infosys will help build an AI-powered Fan Customer Data Platform for Formula E. This platform will unlock deep fan engagement and personalization opportunities, allowing Formula E to better serve its growing global fan base.

Leveraging Infosys Topaz, an AI-first suite of offerings using generative AI technologies, the collaboration aims to provide real-time insights and real-time driver statistics during races. This will enhance the overall viewing experience for fans.

With the objective of playing a pivotal role in supporting Formula E’s carbon reduction target of 45% by 2030, Infosys will work to transform the sport’s carbon reporting capabilities. By using AI, Infosys will improve the accuracy, reliability, and traceability of data collection, setting new standards in sustainability assessments for the championship.

Tata Communications’ partnership with Formula Racing

In the past Tata Communications and Formula 1 announced a multi-year strategic collaboration with Tata Communications returning to the sport as the Official Broadcast Connectivity Provider of Formula 1. This partnership is aimed at delivering an enhanced world-class, technologically advanced experience for fans globally.

Tata Communications empowers Formula 1 with global end-to-end managed network services for video contribution, thereby transforming the motorsports experience. The company facilitates the transfer of more than 100 video feeds and over 250 audio channels between the Grand Prix venue and F1’s Media & Technology Centre in the UK every race weekend in under 200 milliseconds. This enabled F1 to broadcast to over 500 million fans in 180+ territories globally.

Wipro and McLaren Technology Group’s deal

Back in September 2017, McLaren Technology Group joined hands with Wipro to help drive digitalisation across its businesses. Wipro assists McLaren in achieving its defined IT strategy, focusing on providing next-generation differentiated IT services to its business divisions with an emphasis on agility and improved reliability.

As part of this multi-year partnership, Wipro leverages the Wipro HOLMES™ artificial intelligence platform and its next-generation managed services framework to offer flexibility and boost the productivity of McLaren’s fast-growing automotive and high-tech businesses.

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