“This is a little more special because I was leading the team,” Rohit Sharma on the 2024 win compared to 2007’s

Rohit Sharma

India’s cricket captain, Rohit Sharma, recently expressed why the 2024 T20 World Cup win holds a special place in his heart. As the leader of the team, he found this victory even more significant than the one in 2007 when he was a player.

Rohit Sharma’s legacy from 2007 to 2024

In 2007, Rohit was part of the Indian team that won the inaugural T20 World Cup. However, in 2024, he led the team as captain. The responsibility and pride associated with leading the side made this victory unique.

Rohit reminisced about the 2007 win, describing it as a “different feeling.” But the 2024 triumph, achieved under his leadership, held deeper emotional significance. The evening victory felt distinct from the afternoon win of 2007.

Rohit acknowledged that winning the T20 World Cup meant not only a lot to the team but also to the entire nation. The joy of bringing smiles to millions of fans made this victory exceptionally special.

“2007 was a different feeling, we started off in the afternoon and this is in the evening. I cannot forget 2007 as it was my first World Cup. This is a little more special because I was leading the team so it’s a very proud moment for me. This is going to be mad. You can make out the excitement and it shows how much it means not just to us but also to the entire nation. It means a lot. So, I am very happy that we could achieve something like this for them as well,” said Rohit in a video released by BCCI.

The Indian team received a rousing reception upon their return, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi hosting them for breakfast. An open-roof bus roadshow in Mumbai allowed fans to celebrate with their favourite stars. Rohit’s pride in leading the team to victory resonated with the excitement felt across the country.

As the Indian cricket team basks in the glory of their 2024 win, Rohit Sharma’s leadership and the collective effort of the players have etched this victory into cricketing history.

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