These Are the Biggest Betting Types in the World


Online punters are always looking for the best ways to make money on the internet. This means that they need to pick the best betting types, as well as the best Indian bookmakers that would increase the chances of winning money. Popular brands like Bet365 or Unibet clearly make the list here providing a wide range of promotions, different sports and payment methods that also accept Indian Rupee. When betting on those platforms, you can choose between an equally wide range of betting types. Here are some of the best ones you should consider trying.

Sports Fans betting and enjoying a football match

1. Match Odds

The match odds are the most popular betting types that each punter always wants to try. This Type lets you predict the overall outcome of the match. You can predict that the home team will win, draw, or that the away team will win. For example in Tennis, there are odds assigned to each player and accordingly the favourite and underdogs are decided. It is widely stated that Henry the Eighth was a tennis fan.

Since there are three possible outcomes, usually, you will get the highest odds for this bet type. Therefore, this type of betting is ideal for those looking to make slow but steady profits. But it is the biggest since it is available in almost all online betting sites.

2. Asian Betting

In recent years, many bookmakers have introduced the Asian handicap betting type. Today, it has become very popular among professional online bettors looking to make easy money. In Asian handicap betting, teams are brought closer by adding a certain number of goals to the final score ahead of the kick-off time. If there is a weaker team, the difference can be neutralized by giving it one, two, or three goals before the game begins, and they will be factored in when the game is over to determine the winning team.

3. Double Chance

Double chance is a popular bet type and makes predicting the outcome of the match easier. The double chance betting is seen as one of the best ways to reduce the chances of losing a bet. It involves options such as home or away, home or draw, and away or draw. There are three options to use when placing a double chance bet; so again, you should not expect the odds to be high. To get the most profit from the double chance bet, players always place multiple bets at the same time.

4. Draw No Bet

This is another betting type that relates to the overall outcome of a given match. The Draw no Bet type has been there for many years. In this review, this is the first type that only has two outcomes. You can choose home win or away win, but you get your money back if the match ends in a draw, so your money is safer compared to other betting types. However, you will lose the money if you said a given team would win and then it loses the match.

5. Over/Under

If you are looking for a type of goal betting that is not too specific, then over/under is worth trying. If you check a wide range of betting sites, you will see that they have over/under options. This betting type values mostly begin from 0.5, and almost all sites give you the option to bet on over or under a given number of goals. To some punters, this betting type makes it easier to make money, especially when you have knowledge about the teams playing.

6. Both Teams to Score

This is an exciting betting type that lets you predict that each team will score. If you predict that both teams will score and they do, you win, and vice versa. This betting type is mainly preferred by those who know how certain teams play. For instance, in EPL, most teams are known to score at least one goal per match, so you can increase the chances of placing winning bets.

7. Correct Score

This is not an easy betting type that you can use to make easy money, but it is still a good one. The correct score bet lets you predict the correct score of a given match. There are many ways that this one works. You can predict the total goals in the entire match, the number of goals that a given team would score in a given match, or a range of goals that would be scored. As you can see, the correct score might not be very easy, but it is worth trying if you are familiar with the sport.

8. Half Time/Full Time

Most games have half times, and when that happens, one team is either ahead, or they are standing at a draw. Therefore, some betting sites include the Half-Time/Full-Time betting type. This type of bet lets you predict the first half or second-half results. It is assumed that the match ends in the first time, and you should predict the winning team at that point. The second time is another match, and you can also predict the outcome. You choose to bet on either half time or full-time results.

Final Thoughts

The betting types mentioned above are available on most sportsbooks. Therefore, you are free to choose the betting type with the potential to give you the highest returns. Note that you can place multi bets to enhance the chances of winning.