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The second most important European club competition is such in all but entertainment, as it can provide good matches as often as the European Champions League. This year’s edition has had its fair share of surprises, which turned a lot of bettors’ expectations upside down at the best online sports betting site 1xbet. Some high-profile clubs have already been left out, such as SL Benfica or Rangers, but Sevilla and Manchester United are still favorites to snag the trophy in the final.

In the short history of the competition — it is basically a revamped version of the old UEFA Cup —, there have been some repeating names in its cup winners:

  • both Atletico Madrid and Sevilla won the cup three times;
  • Chelsea won the final twice;
  • Manchester United won it once, a couple of years ago with Jose Mourinho at the helm;
  • FC Porto also has one, having won the final against SC Braga in what was a full-Portuguese semi-final;
  • and Benfica were runners-up for two years in a row, having lost to Chelsea and Sevilla, respectively

As you can see, there are quite a handful of big names in the competition’s prestigious winners list. Although it is surely less desired as the ECL, when push comes to shove every club wants to give a good impression of himself in this international competition. The best online sports betting site 1xbet is currently hosting a vast array of bets for whoever shall win at the end, so be sure to partake on that as well!

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Football can sometimes be violent, and might as well check boxing bets odds on 1xbet

We will say that sometimes the game can be a little too aggressive for its own good, but who doesn’t enjoy seeing the players acting a little silly from time to time? Ever since Zidane made a good fool of himself acting his career out with a headbutt on Materazzi some fifteen years ago (time passes!), boxing bets odds on 1xbet have increased dramatically to make up for the event.

The truth is, everybody thinks violence should definitely be out of this sport, but time and time again we are unfortunately remembered that football has a long way to go in terms of making it a 100% family-friendly sport. 

In any case, maybe if players were sometimes a little tougher — as in not falling to the ground on the first touch they feel from the defender — everybody would surely play a little fairer. But that’s what we got so far! With that in mind, don’t forget to keep checking boxing bets odds on 1xbet, just in case…maybe Zidane will pull something off at the Real Madrid bench!

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