Tennis ‘Big Three’ pooling funds together to help lower-ranked players during Covid-19 crisis


Novak Djokovic declared on Saturday that he, alongside Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal will try to help lower-ranked players to maintain their financial stability during a period when tours and professional Tennis tournaments are totally closed.

The tour system of the game features prize moneys for every tournament, and many former and current players and critics believe that the prize money distribution is too leaning towards the toppers, perhaps more than any other sport. Recently, Serena Williams’ coach lamented the top-heaviness of the prize distribution, especially the fact that the hundredth best tennis player in the whole world has to go struggle to maintain their financial stability while playing the game full-time.

In midst of the paralyzing effect of the Covid-19 pandemic, Djokovic spoke of the decision in an Instagram chat alongside fellow tennis star Stan Wawrinka.

“I spoke to Roger and Rafa a few days ago. We had a long conversation about the near future of tennis, what is going to happen, how we can contribute and how we can help especially lower-ranked players, who are obviously struggling the most,” Djokovic said.

The majority of lower-ranked players are devoid of either Government support through federations or private sponsors. It is them that ‘the big three’ wants to help.

“The majority of the players who are ranked between 200, 250 in the world, and the 700th or 1,000th do not have federation support, do not have sponsors. They are completely independent and left alone. Guys who are ranked between 200-250, especially to 700…are thinking of leaving tennis right now.”

“Maybe if we don’t have any tournaments this season, we can take a certain percentage from our prize money form Australian Open in January. These guys are the grass roots of tennis. The future of tennis. We need to show them they still can rely on support of the top guys,” Djokovic added.

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