Tawheed Shaikh showcases dominance over Dara Singh Handa in Pro Panja League Mega Matches-4 ‘grudge’ match

Pro Panja League

In the world of arm wrestling, the Pro Panja League has emerged as a prominent platform, showcasing the prowess of numerous athletes. One such event that has recently caught the attention of arm wrestling enthusiasts was the Pro Panja Mega Matches-4, held at the UFC Gym, Bandra, Mumbai on Tuesday.

The day started with Abrar Shaikh (85kg) dominating against Shivank Mishra (70kg). The match was followed by an exhilarating bout between Aryan Gangotri (100kg) and Harshit Poojary (100kg) which ended up being a cliffhanger with Harshit winning the first two rounds, Aryan the next two and Harshit finally prevailing in the 5th and final round taking the match 3-2.

Tawheed Shaikh vs Dara Singh at Pro Panja League

The main event of the day was the highly-anticipated match between Tawheed Shaikh and Dara Singh Handa. Both athletes have been feuding for months, and their rivalry reached its climax in this mega-match.

Tawheed Shaikh, the dynamic arm wrestler from Aurangabad, captains the Ludhiana Lions franchise in the Pro Panja League. On the other hand, Dara Singh Handa represents the Rohtak Rowdies franchise. The tension between these two athletes was palpable, as they had almost come to blows at the Maharashtra State Championship.

As the match commenced, it was clear that both athletes were determined to claim victory. However, Tawheed Shaikh showcased his superior skills and strategy, winning the bout in a convincing 4-0 fashion.

Speaking after his win, Tawheed Shaikh expressed his excitement and shared his strategy. “Going into the match, I was quite clear in my mind as to what will be my strategy and how I can beat him. I have been training rigorously for the past 2-3 months. I have been focusing on my pulling, that is one area where I felt I can have an upper hand over Dara and pin him down,” he said.

The match was watched live by several dignitaries, including Neville Bastawalla, SVP& Head, Marketing On Air Promotions Sony Sports, Mayank Dayal, Head of Marketing Sony Sports, Istayak Ansari, Managing Director and Founder UFC Gym India, and Ajay Marwah, partner UFC Gym Bandra. Pro Panja League Co-Founder Parvin Dabas and People’s ArmWrestling Federation President Preeti Jhangiani were also present.

Reflecting on the high-intensity match, Pro Panja League Co-Founder Mr. Parvin Dabas said, “These two arm wrestlers have been going at each other for a long time now with highly acrimonious matches between them in February and April. Tawheed Shaikh’s win wasn’t just merely a display of physical prowess, but a testament to his mental fortitude, discipline, and determination. The fans absolutely loved the intensity which these two arm wrestlers put on display which shows the heightened stakes in the Pro Panja world. I wish both of them best of luck for the second season of the Pro Panja League and hope that this sport of arm wrestling inspires the next generation.”

“We have conceptualised these satellite Pro Panja events around our marque Pro Panja League to allow the arm wrestling fans to watch top-notch content throughout the year with demand for panja matches soaring through the roof,” he added.

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