Tapas Bhowmick reveals how Khelo India can help popularise Arm Wrestling in India

Tapas Bhowmick reveals how Khelo India can help popularise Arm Wrestling in India

Tapas Bhowmick, who is currently the Secretary of Tripura Arm Wrestling Federation has been pivotal in promoting the sport in the North Eastern part of the country. He has been associated in some capacity with the sport since 1976. With nearly half a century of association with the sport, he has a lot of wisdom to share with the Arm Wrestling world. Apart from being the Secretary of the Tripura Arm Wrestling Association, Mr Tapas Bhowmick is also a member of Tripura Olympic Association and the Joint Secretary of the Tripura Weightlifting Association.

In an exclusive interview with Sports India Show, Mr Tapas Bhowmick revealed how the sport of Arm Wrestling is growing in India.

1) Please tell our readers about your journey in Arm Wrestling?

I have been involved in arm wrestling since 1976. I participated in various championships till 1980. Then, I decided to become an official. Currently, I am the secretary of Tripura arm wrestling federation, a committee member of Tripura Olympic Association, joint- secretary of weightlifting & a committee member of bodybuilding association.

2) What is the current scenario of Arm Wrestling in Tripura? What kind of improvements have been made under your influence?

We host State Championships and take part in National Championships. We have recently started an ‘inter-office’ championship which includes players from All India Sports Board. This has not been done in any state yet. We have also started Inter -College Championships. We’re also in talks with Guwahati University to hold Arm Wrestling matches.

3) What improvements have you noticed since Pro Panja League has come to the scene?

Pro Panja League has popularized the sport. The word of mouth about the sport has seen a hike. People are starting to know about the sport and for this Pro Panja League deserves a big credit.

4) What can we do to improve the Arm Wrestling scene in India?

We’re trying to get into the school sports board, inter-university boards that will probably be finalized within this year. Next we’re planning to get into Khelo India as arm wrestling is a rural sport which you can start anywhere without much investment.

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