Tamim Iqbal opens up on controversial umpiring during SA vs BAN T20 World Cup 2024 match- “These 4 runs could have changed Bangladesh’s fortunes”

Tamim Iqbal

In a thrilling encounter during the T20 World Cup 2024, Bangladesh faced off against South Africa in New York. The match was a nail-biter, with Bangladesh falling just four runs short of victory. However, former Bangladesh opener Tamim Iqbal believes that a crucial umpiring decision altered the course of the game.

The Controversial Decision

During the 17th over of Bangladesh’s chase, Mahmudullah was given out LBW on a delivery that deflected off his pad and raced to the boundary. Mahmudullah wisely opted for the Decision Review System (DRS), and the decision was overturned. The ball was comfortably heading down the leg side, but unfortunately, the rules dictated that the ball was declared dead as soon as the on-field umpire adjudged the batter out. Consequently, Bangladesh missed out on those crucial four runs.

Tamim Iqbal

Tamim Iqbal’s Perspective

Tamim Iqbal expressed his frustration with the rule, stating, “These four runs could have changed Bangladesh’s fortunes. It could have happened. I am talking like a fan, but if you think about it, those four runs could have been really important.” He hopes that the International Cricket Council (ICC) will consider revising this rule, as a minor tweak could make a significant difference.

Tamim suggests that the on-field umpire should wait before making a decision if the ball is heading towards the boundary. When a decision is overturned in favor of the batter, the runs should be awarded rather than discarded as a dot ball. His solution: “You have time. You can wait for two seconds and see where the ball is going. Either it is going to the boundary or it isn’t, and then you can make your decision. Regardless of anything, I feel if the batter is not out, and if the ball has hit his pad and gone to the boundary, it should be given runs.”

Despite this setback, Bangladesh remains second in their group’s points table, with one win from two games. They still have matches left against Nepal and the Netherlands, and Tamim Iqbal’s hope is that fair play prevails in future matches.-

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