Sunil Gavaskar says “Get a life” to those who criticized Jasprit Bumrah’s action

Image Courtesy: The Hindu

Jasprit Bumrah has become one of India’s most lethal test bowlers in recent times. After his exploits vs West Indies in the first innings of the second test, Sunil Gavaskar has come out to lash out at those who criticized his action.

Image Courtesy: The Hindu

Despite having a unique action, Bumrah has become one of the world’s top bowlers in a short span of time due to his impeccable line and lengths. While speaking on air during the India vs West Indies test match, former West Indies fast bowler Ian Bishop brought about the topic of people who still suspected his action.

“I cannot believe some people questioning the legality of Jasprit Bumrah’s action.

“His action is unique but is well within the rules of the game. In fact, it’s one of the cleanest ones. Some people really need to look in the mirror,” Bishop had said.

In reply to Bishop’s comment, Sunil Gavaskar voiced his opinion on the matter by asking those who thought Bumrah’s action was illegal to go “get a life”.

“Let’s look at it closely…A few steps and then he gathers momentum and finally releases the ball with a straight arm. Now tell me at what point his arm is bent? It’s perfectly fine.

“People should really get a life,” Gavaskar said.

Jasprit Bumrah’s figures of 6/27 in the first innings saw West Indies fall for a mere 117 and hand the visitors a lead of 299. His figures also included a hat-trick, that saw him become the only third Indian bowler to claim one in tests.

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